Have you ever wondered what it cost you to share something on social media? It’s not a very easy question to answer but it is one that we should think about given that social media sites seem to want to share everything about there users when ever they possibly can.

At what point do we start to lose profit for sharing something? If you share that your having a wonderful time traveling on vacation and your house gets robbed then was it worth it? How about if you are like one girl in the news and your post you social security number online was that worth it? A life of identity theft.

The hard part about this question is it is not easily answered. Sometime there is a time factor. If you share your address online that may mean nothing but if you also share that your away from your house a few months later then your address becomes much more valuable to the would be burglar. If your profile is open to the public someone could quite easily find your address. Then just watch your profile until you post that you are on vacation.

Remember what you share is valuable to different people for different reasons. Think about what it costs you to share before you post it. You want to provide value on social media just don’t inadvertently destroy your self while you do it. It is always easy to stop something before it is started then after.

On social media there is nothing stopping people from re-sharing something you say. So even if you have your posts restricted to only your friends they still could re-share the post to there friends and so on.

Make your social media post valuable but it the ways you want it to be.